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The Official Training Plan for the 2015 Tour of the Battenkill


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This plan will help build skill sets and fitness necessary to perform well at the event.  It also includes a basic version of the fantastic Training Peaks online software for use in describing the plan and in tracking your fitness and progress throughout the winter. 

Don’t get stuck off the back of the pack this year, use the Official Training Plan and ride the un-pave with ease and confidence!

Choose from these 14 week programs:



Training Plan: 2015 Tour of the Battenkill Official INDIVIDUAL Training Plan

Free TrainingPeaks Personal Edition Account


TEAM TRAINING PLAN - $499 - coming soon!

Training Plan: 2015 Tour of the Battenkill Official TEAM Training Plan

Free TrainingPeaks Personal Edition Accounts





I just started riding, is this okay for me? Sure, follow the program but be sure to get as much experience on the road as possible between now and race day.


Do I have to pay more for Training Peaks?  No, every plan comes with a free basic version.  There is a Premium version available for additional cost at your expense.  See for details.


What if I have technical issues with the plan?  Contact the Training Peaks support page.


Is there a mobile version?  They have great apps for iPhone and Droid available.  See your provider.


Does the plan guarantee me a win?  Unfortunately, the plan has to be made for the most riders to get the most out of it.  We can say that if you have the plan and have a good day, you will have a great race.


What if I don't want to use Training Peaks?  For expediency and added value, we only offer the plans through Training Peaks.


Why should I use the Official Plan?  The official plan is the best available due to the experience and inside knowledge of the race and the event that was used to design it.  


Kyle Wolfe